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The Pandemic Workplace - Tips to Succeed.

March 2020 changed the way the world worked, but it was blissfully business as usual in Vietnam till the start of June 2021. For most people who are living and working in Vietnam, the way they work has changed completely since the 1st of June. Most of you might be wondering how many more weeks or months this would continue for, and how this is going to impact business, and invariably your growth prospects in the future. I connected with a few colleagues in different parts of the world to understand their perspectives and get some inputs from ‘veterans’ of the Pandemic Workplace on how to manage, and hopefully succeed during this situation.

Work Together and Work True

The one message that came out strong and loud from everyone I spoke to, was that it was important to bring your best game to the table now. You need to cut through the layers and re-connect with your true self, and be ready to connect with others in your team as well. Teamwork and clear lines of communication with your managers and peers is the only way to come through this successfully. This will help even once we start to transition back to office, whenever that would be. Being in this historic, unprecedented situation together is like an extreme team-building event. But, it is no longer just for team cohesion, but to ensure that we thrive, and at times survive.

It is OK to Feel Overwhelmed

Friends and colleagues in regions that have had prolonged Work-From-Home arrangements have mentioned that they felt lost and overwhelmed more than once. As used to compartmentalizing as we were, it is difficult to accept that the personal and professional have merged in this manner. If finding a work-life balance was tough earlier, it is impossible to even find that line anymore. With work calls running later than ever and one meeting merging with the next, it is difficult to find the balance, nay time, to create the walls of ‘me-time’ that are needed to for sanity. It is important to accept this, and force yourself to take some time out when you feel like you need it. Organizations should also be mindful of this, and keep counselling services handy to help with the situation.

Reconnect with your Network

Use this time to reach out to friends, ex-colleagues, and mentors. During this dynamic time, inputs from across industries and regions help to provide information to deal with various situations as they arise. Reconnecting with senior sponsors and mentors will also help with planning for your future growth. Options will be your best friends when the situation starts to change.

Stay Mentally and Physically Strong

Some days are harder than others. Friends advise me that routines help, and having some physical exercise woven into the day is very beneficial. It could be yoga, or one of the many exercise videos doing the rounds online, so get that blood pumping for a positive world view! Another worthwhile endeavor is to upskill yourself. It has never been easier to get a world-class degree online. Choose the skill that you want to upgrade and find the best university or certificate for it. Now is the time!

Remember, that like everything else, this too shall pass. However, we do not know how long it will take to do so. Let’s make the most of the situation and learn and grow within the unique window that we are functioning in.

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