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Top Advantages of a Business Insider as an Executive Search & Consulting Partner

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Top Advantages of a Business Insider as an Executive Search & Consulting Firm

Is retaining Business Insider as an executive search & consulting firm can serve at the best way when hiring top performing talent? Here’s why you might need a top consulting firm to conduct executive search for your organization and ultimately find the best talent: -

Generally, the executive search firm will charge a negotiable amount, especially if you’re asking the firm to search for multiple professionals altogether. An upcoming firm ‘Prevé Executive Search and Consulting’ is all set to reveal why and when retaining a consulting firm is advantageous.

Deep Understanding of the Industry

We come from Banking and Insurance Industry with years of experience of working across key functions, countries and offices. This has helped us to have wide network and which allows us to identify candidates who are most suitable for senior positions. With the support of a huge network, we’ll help support the recruitment needs of our client’s businesses by offering them unmatched access to skilled and experienced candidates. We’re fully dedicated to quality service, and confidentiality; thus, providing a recruiting experience in an amazing way.

Refined Search and Expertise

We have years of experience in managing business and our thorough knowledge of the industry allows us to perform refined search for all the important roles. We are also dedicated to executing these matters with the highest confidentiality and expertise. All our commitments are greatly personalized and managed by our experienced team having a broad network and deep industry understanding. Trust is at the core of all our working style, and we gain that trust by providing all of our clients with best results.

Professional help to Candidates

We are also faithful to our candidates who depend on us for professional advice and balanced feedback. Ever since our beginning, we have practically and repeatedly connected with qualified and experienced professionals all over the country. Our aim is to help organizations find the best talent and also to confidently influence the career of our candidates and the clients we serve.

‘Prevé Executive Search and Consulting’ 

aims to help create opportunities for skilled professionals in the Banking and Insurance sector as Business Insider. You can find several opportunities from our wide network across Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and other countries. We aim to bring a considerable value to the organizations, and to the executive search industry. Our team is headed by Nikhil Verma, Managing Partner, and Partners, Revathy Radhakrishnan and Tran Ho. All of our executive search consultants are highly experienced professionals who work closely with the Directors, Chairman, CEOs, CHROs, and other top decision-makers to find the best talent in the industry. 

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